Silicone Hoses

Silicone hoses
Silicone hoses

What is silicone hose

Silicone hose is made of silicone raw natural rubber with a compound of liquid, gas, and other materials(caoutchouc). It can be divided into two main categories, extruded hoses, and shaped hoses. The silicone rubber hose is widely used in modern industries, military industries, and daily necessities.

Categories of silicone hoses

  1. Medical grade silicone hose: used for medical machine parts, medical tube, bacteriostat design guarantee safety
  2. Food grade silicone hose: used for drinking fountains, coffee maker tubing, water-proof of electric appliances. The high polymer elastic material has a silicon-oxygen bond, so it has the high performance of thermostability, insulation performance, and great resistance of oxidation.
  3. Industry silicone hose, what we manufacture and supply, mainly used for engine cooling water supply, air inlet, air-conditioned air supply, water supply.
    • Classified by structures:
      • Single-layer, mainly for cooling system
      • Double layers
      • Multilayers
      • With reinforcement, reinforced with layers, both for cooling and heating system
      • Without reinforcement

Features of silicone rubber

  1. Silicone rubber is a kind of high polymer elastic material, has excellent high(250-300°C) and low(-40-60°C) temperature performance
  2. Great stability and resilience
  3. Less permanent deformation
  4. Breakdown voltage: 20-25KV/mm
  5. Good resistance to ozone, ultraviolet, radiation, and oil
  6. Non-toxic, environment-friendly
  7. Black, red, blue, white, grey, green, transparent, different colors could be chosen

Structure of silicone hoses

4~5 layers of reinforced fabric layer or fluorinated silicone rubber consist of the silicone hose. Reinforced fabrics are polyester fiber and aramid fiber, rubber is coated on top of them.

  1. Silicone rubber and reinforced fabric
  2. Fluorosilicone, reinforced fabric, and silicone rubber
  3. Fluororubber, reinforced fabric, and silicone rubber

Commonly known as reinforced, high-temperature resistant silicone hoses. We can manufacture different diameters hoses from Ø8-180.

Differences with PVC Hose

Compare to PVC hose, the main feature of silicone hose is the resistance of wide range of working temperatures and is suitable for high pressure using(2.5MPa-4.0MPa). PVC hose can be regular water tube, but is sensitive to temperature can not bear high pressure.

Package of silicone hoses

Car manufacturers are our main customers, so the general packages for our automobile silicone hoses are wholesale packages. If you need retail packing, please let us know.

Plastic bag packing
Plastic bag packing
Carton packing
Carton packing