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Factory plant


Testing equipment

Quality system

  1. ISO9001:2000 certified by AOQC MOODY
  2. ISO9002:94/QS9000 certified by AQSR
  3. ISO/TS16949:2002 certified by SGS
  4. ISO/TS16949:2009 certified by Quality Austria


  1. Rubber hose and silicone hose extrusion molding
  2. Rubber hose and silicone hose compression molding
  3. Vacuuming vulcanization
  4. Injection molding vulcanization
  5. Rotocure, also know as Rotary Curing Press or drum vulcanization

Annual production capacity

  1. Rubber compound 10,000 tons
  2. Rubber and silicone part 50,000,000 pieces
  3. Rubber and silicone hose 6,000,000 meters
  4. Oil seals 4,000,000 pieces
  5. Rubber plate 3,000 tons