Silicone & Rubber Hose Manufacturer

As a top manufacturer of silicone hose and rubber products in central China Wuhan city, we are able to produce different types of automobiles used rubber and silicone hose products.

Manufacturing equipment

Silicone hose

Silicone hose is a kind of synthetic rubber hose. Comparatively, it is softer than that of rubber hose, used for connecting radiator, aluminum pipe, turbocharger and cooling pipe.

Rubber hose

Rubber hose can be divided into natural rubber hose and synthetic rubber, and it has an odor but silicone rubber hose is odorless.

Our silicone rubber hoses are widely used in auto, electronic, petroleum, chemical, military, civil blasting, aerospace industries. Our main customers are DONGFENG Motor Corporation, CUMMINS Engine, FOTON, LUXGEN, DOOSAN, MIDEA, TCL, Wuhan Railway, Zhengzhou Railway and Shenyang Railway.

Cooperating with the Wuhan Institute of Technology in the field of application technology of macromolecule materials.

Quality standards

  1. ISO/TS16949:2002 certified by SGS in August 2004
  2. ISO/TS16949:2009 certified by OQS in June 2013
  3. ISO14001:2004 certified by ZLTR in December 2014
  4. OHSAS18001:2007 certified by ZLTR in December 2014

Quality control

  1. Visual inspection of rubber hose, standard HG/T 2185
  2. Dimensions and tolerance of hose standard GB/T9575
  3. Physical and mechanical properties of material of rubber layer:
    • Hardness 70±5
    • Tensile strength ≥8MPa5
    • Elongation at break ≥250%
    • Hot air aging at 120±1°C last 70 hours
      • Hardness 0~+20
      • Tensile strength reduction rate ≤30%
      • Elongation at break reduction rate ≤50%
    • Immersion test area(distilled water:50%, glycol:50%), boiling point for 70h
      • Break strength reduction rate ≤25%
      • Volume change rate -5%~+10%
    • Oil resistant test, 100±1°C last 70 hours
      • Volume change rate 0%~+100%
    • Performance of silicone hose
      • Pressure resistance property
        • Pressure expansion: Hose outer diameter change rate less than 15%. If inner diameter is more than 44mm, the change rate is meeting customer requirements
        • Negative pressure performance: hose no obvious necking, deformation and other defects. Deformtion of outer diameter is less than 10%
      • Adhesion strength between glue line and reinforcement line is higher than 980N/m
      • Hot air aging/low-temperature/ozone performance: Inner and outer glue lines no fracture and wear out

Main products: rubber hoses, silicone hoses, seals, rubber parts, rubber sheet, and plate. Custom orders of different types of rubber silicone hoses are available.